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Flower Box

Flower Box

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The Flower Box 🌺

A limited edition box of a few of my specialty ingredients and brand new merch!

What's inside:

  • "ItsHolly" towel
  • Mini Tortilla Press
  • "Tace" spoon
  • ItsHolly Sticker Pack - a set of 5 stickers, including the itsholly icon, "we measure vanilla with our hearts", and a reissue of 3 stickers from How to Eat Your Feelings, originally only available if you purchased the hard-copy from me directly (crying chocolate sandwich, tortang talong on a lounger, happy crispy chili egg)
  • Sal de Gusano aka Worm Salt
  • Strawberry Corn Cookie Ingredients: corn powder, freeze-dried strawberries, blue corn maseca
  • Pistachio Salsa Macha ingredients: dried chilies, pistachios
  • Recipes for Pistachio Salsa Macha and Strawberry Corn Cookies
  • Organic edible mixed flowers to garnish your heart out
  • FREE Shipping (within the Continental US, International Shipping available for an additional fee)


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